Zach, labelled The Huggable One was a contestant on Total Drama Tour of the City- Summer. He is played by Mrodd.



Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Sky Blue

Episode Eliminated








Noel , Macey, Skylar
Enemies /
Fear Mirrors
Talent Badminton
Nicknames Zach, Elf, Twinkles


Zach grew up in a loving family, well sort of. They showed him love if he did what they wanted- Badminton. As soon as he could hold the racket he was taught to play, and for awhile, he loved it. I mean who wouldn`t badminton is a fun sport, but as he grew up, it turned into something he had to do, not want. He started to practice mroe and more. And as time went on, he started to lose his friends, because badminton was more important.

But playing badminton was good for one thing, the money. Zach managed to win many games, and many turnaments, and as he started to win more and more, his rank moved up, and he started to get into money turns. Where he placed very well. However, he began to hate it, his parents already had money, so why should he work so hard to earn it? Zach wanted to be with friends, he wanted to have a life. So lashed out. And was sent away, to boarding school, there, the signed up for a show- Tour of The City, Summer Edition.

Audition TapeEdit

Zach is scene drilling the birdy over the net. And runing over to the sidelines for a sip of water.

"Hey" He grinned, blowing his hair out of his eye. "My name's Zach, and I would love to be on your show. I mean I'm an amazing person, if you get to know me, and I'm a big softy. I love sports.... well most. And the cheerleaders ;) But over all, I just want out of this place, out of this school. My parents sent me here, and I've been lookign for a way out ever since, so choose me. Got all that?"

Total Drama Tour of the City- SummerEdit