Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot
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Number of Members 8
Highest Ranking Member Samuel, 4th Place
Lowest Ranking Member Bronwyn, 21st Place

Team Chris (Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot), was a team in Total Drama Tour of the World, along with Team Victory and Team Amazon. Their lowest ranking member was Bronwyn, and their highest ranking member was Samuel.


Original MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit


Name Gender Rank Voted Off Team Rank Voted Off Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Bronwyn Female 1st 2nd Who's Your Mummy? Was too inactive and annoying.
Seth Male 2nd 3rd Trivia and Pursuits Inactive.
Alejandro Male 3rd 5th London Eye Is Always Watching Inactive, and tried to eliminate Sam, the most active person on the team at this point.
Enrique Male 4th 8th Traversing Transylvania Inactive.
Alexander Male 5th 9th/10th Return to Total Drama Action Was deemed the weakest member on the team.
Quinn Female 6th 13th Don't Probe Me, Bro! Huge threat and for being mean.
Sam Female 7th 18th Two Sams is One Too Many Threat.
Samuel Male 8th 19th Dude, Who Stole My Million? Huge threat.



  • Team Chris consisted of 3 girls and 5 boys.
  • They did lose twice in a row once, voting out Bronwyn and Seth. (Twice including Sam and Samuel after the merge)
  • This is the largest team in the first two seasons, having a total of eight members.
  • This team had two of the four debuters in season one.
  • This team could be considered the weakest, considering only three members remained at merge, despite two debuters joining the team.