Killer Explorers
Number of Members 12
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Brian, 22th/21th place
Team Selected By Host

Killer Explorers is a team in Total Drama Tour of the Games, along with the Screaming Gamers. This team disbanded along with the Screaming Gamers, to form Team Controllers, Team Skillz, and Team Action.


Original Members:Edit

Additional Members:Edit


Name Gender Rank Voted Off Team Rank Voted Off Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Brian Male 1st 3rd/4th War of the Fusions Was inactive for all the challenges.
Deliann Female 2nd 5th Sly Pooper This was unknown, but probably for inactiveness.
Shawn Male 3rd 6th Harvest Mooning Was inactive for all the challenges.