Lime Team
Team Awesome
Screaming Gamers
Team Controllers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated TOS: Lucky 7
Place TOS: 6th
Relationship Samuel, AJ (ex-attraction)
Friends Samuel, AJ
Enemies Quinn

Iris, labeled the Sweet, Smart, Caring Girl / The Mary-Sue / The Female Alejandro was a contestant on Tour of the Seas on the Lime Team. She made the first team merge, and was put on Team Awesome. She also made the second merge.


Iris was always the prettiest girl ever. Ever. Boys have always loved her, but she turned them down, knowing they only liked her for her looks. She asked each boy that talked to her if they meant it, and each would prove it differently. Iris found that the boys would cheat on her because they think that she's dumb.

Iris has always been a "Mary-Sue"; the perfect person. She can do anything from seducing a guy, to playing the guitar, to singing like an angle. She found that she could manipulate people to her wish. Ever sense then she would trick people. After a while she stopped, but manipulates without even thinking about it.


Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit

Audition VideoEdit

Iris: Hello! I'm auditioning for TOS! I think I'd be per-

Iris's Mother: Iris! It's time for your chores!

Iris: *starts crying* Mom! I need spaaaaaace!

Iris's Mother: It's okay! I'll get your brother to do them....

Iris: See? I'm amazing! *flips hair and smiles* I can do anything. So, choose me. *winks*


  • Iris has lots of personality changes.
  • Iris was originally created as a joke, to prove how some people have Mary-Sues. Later, Iris became a well known character.
  • During TOS, Kate wanted Iris to go crazy, but later she changed it to her kissing AJ in the confessional.
  • Iris's melt-downs, cheating, etc. was meant to show that nobody's perfect.


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