Herman, labeled The A Type was a contestant on Total Drama Tour of the World. He is played by TDISF.



Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown

Episode Eliminated

TOW: What Happens In Vegas, Makes Good TV


TOW: 17th


Mother, Father & Two Brothers



Enemies TBA
Fear TBA
Talent TBA
Nicknames TBA


Herman was born in a normal family amongst normal things. When he started kindergarten he already knew how to write and read, and, to be honest, really good to his age. When he started school, he was sometimes bullied, but, using his brains only, he got revenge of these bullies. They never bothered him again. In school, he had lots of good friends throughout all of the years, but, when he started high school, some of them left him apart and hurt his feelings. However, other of his friends helped him go through this moment, which made him stronger. He joined Total Drama Tour of the World to test himself and see how far he could make it on a reality show, which he has loved since young. Sadly, he was eliminated just before he could show his real skills. He would like a second chance to show what he can do.

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