Harriet, known as The retired supermodel is a contestant on Season 2, and she was on the purple team with Daniel before her elimination.

Purple Pair
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Episode 2
Place 23rd
Relationship None
Family Thomas Carr (Brother)

Kristy Carr (Mother)

Jordan Carr (Father)

Patrick Carr (Younger brother)

Friends None on the show
Enemies None on the show

Time on the showEdit

Harriet didn't have a lot of time on Total Drama Tour of The Seas. She went out to the pool a couple of times and everyone voted her off but 1/2 of them didn't have a reason except of Sarah, due to a past Robert-Sarah relationship in the past.

She did go to Total Drama Tour of The Losers and said "SAFE!" after that, She created Erica.


  • Harriet is played by Sierrastalker.