Return to Total Drama Action
Season 1, Episode 9
Challenge(s) Answer 5 Question, Explore the Set
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Team Amazon
Eliminated Alexander and Zeke
Episode Guide
"Traversing Transylvania"
"Good on Ya, Mate!"


In first class, Destinee was celebrating she finally won a challenge for her team. In Economy, AJ speculates that the merge is approaching fast, and that they need to make sure that Team Victory stays together until then. The contestants challenge was to answer a bunch of trivia questions about the contestants on Chris's old show, Total Drama.

While people are completing the challenge, AJ decides to go and check out the Gilded Chris Ceremony, while Chase shows excitement that they are at the actual Total Drama Action set. Chase then goes looking for the Alien Set Studio. AJ and Chase speculate where the elimination later that day is going to be taking place.

After AJ realizes he is back at the set, he decides to ally with his crush, Quinn, Brandon, and Zoey. Quinn at first shows concern, as she and Zoey were never on good terms. Eventually, Quinn agrees to being in the alliance as long as Zoey doesn't vote her off.

Quinn decides to make sure Zoey doesn't like AJ, by setting Zoey up with Brandon. Jackson then is shown exploring the set. He states in the confessional that he needs an alliance with the upcoming merge but doesn't know who to ally with.

Samuel is reading on a chair, when Quinn approaches. They begin to talk about AJ, as AJ wanders onto a train. Quinn tries to be nice to Samuel so she can get his vote, but quickly gets annoyed and also steps onto the train. Samuel was bouncing a ball against the wall, and the ball bounces into the train so he chases after it. Then suddenly, the train starts moving. Quinn quickly gets injured in the knee, and AJ and Samuel rush to help. Jackson ends up wandering onto the track, and got his hoodie snagged on the train, pulling him aboard. Brandon also ran and jumped aboard too. The trains ends up jerking to a halt right at the Gilded Chris Ceremony, where the other contestants are waiting.

Returning to Total Drama Action style, everyone was given electronic voting devices to eliminate the next player. Team Amazon ended up being the sole winner again, so Team Chris and Team Victory had to vote. The Gilded Chris awards go to all but Alexander from Chris and Zeke from Victory, making those two the next people to take the drop of shame (or walk of shame in this instance).


Name Played By...
AJ Bridgette dj10
Brandon Zoomer
Samuel Mrdaimion
Alexander Mister.. E.
Jackson Codyfan9000
Chase First123
Destinee Leshawnafan
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Sam Misstditylerfan

Zeke and Zoey appear but have no lines.


  • Jackson (CONF): Since the merge MIGHT come up, I NEED to find someone to be in an alliance with, but who?
  • AJ: Hey guys, I think we need to form an alliance, being back on the set makes me realize that the competition is going to get hard coming up. you guys in?


  • This was the first double elimination in Total Drama Tours history.