New York, New York
Season 2, Episode 5
57 (6)
Challenge(s) Get the Least Votes in a Community Poll, Exploring New York
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Everyone except Black Team, Green Team, and Orange Team
Eliminated Jade
Episode Guide
"Smooth Sailing"
"Mexico Pity"

As Abby tries to "bond" with Quinn, Quinn is distracted by her boyfriend. Iris and Samuel continue their relationship too. A community poll then turns things around making three teams go up for elimination. In the end, someone is eliminated because of her mean persona.

E5S2: New York, New YorkEdit




Name Played By...
Abby Nduke
Chris/AJ Bridgette dj10
Brandon Zoomer72
Brittany Totalcartoonfan09
Bronson Reddude
Cal TDAddict
Chad Bbhinton15
Daniel Jake R
Destinee Leshawnafan
Gillian Sunslicer2
Iris Kate4TDWT
Jade Puffles Rule
Jake Codmister22
Kevin Kgman04
Max Mister.. E.
Pablo Platypus09
Quinn EvaBridgetteGwenRocks
Samuel Mrdaimion
Sarah Alejandrofan3000
Zoey Heather Rocks


  • Quinn: *sits down and listens to Ipod*
    Abby: *sits next to Quinn, types on laptop* WHAT! PIA TOSCANO WENT HOME ON IDOL!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!
  • Quinn: Oh my god! New York!
    Jade: You guys might wanna be shutting your face there... >.> (CONF) I almost got eliminated, they're going to pay, hehe.
    Quinn: *turns around* What? I didn't even vote for you! Know why? Coz, I actually thought we have some things in common, so maybe we could be friends!
  • Quinn: (CONF) You know why I don't like her! She's better than me!...And I hate it when people are better and more perfect than me! *notices what she said* Did I just say that...on air? *starts fumbling with tape* Gimme the tape! How do you open this thing?!
  • Destinee: *Walks to the empire state building* (CONF) Meh, does it look like I need anyone to talk to me? I won last season without really any friends, I could care less as long as i make it far.
  • Brandon: *is looking around* Wow. (CONF) With all this drama, you have to take some time to just relax and take a look at where you are, or else it'll be gone before you know it.
  • Quinn: *wraps her red scarf around her neck* I know...*smiles* It's so gorgeous..
    Daniel: *leans his head on Quinn's shoulders* IKR?
    Quinn: *looks at Daniel* I-I have a boyfriend...
    Daniel: Oh, my bad.
  • Jade: (CONF) *cutting up a trashcan, and then stamps Samuel's key*...I hate him. >.>
    Chris: Well, the life rings go to....Zoey, Jake, Abby, and Quinn!!!! The bottom two are Samuel and Jade and the last lifering goes to...........................................Samuel!! Looks like another girl is walking down the plank of shame! Time to go! *shoves Jade down the plank* Sorry!
    Jade: *weirdly, with accent* Jade, who's Jade?! My name is Betsy Sue Golen Heart! I live in Alabama! *punches Chris' car, which causes the alarm to go off* HATE! *leaves*


  • The title is a direct reference to the hit song by Frank Sinatra.
  • These are the community poll results:
    Black: 7
    Green/Turquoise: 6
    Orange: 5
    Yellow: 5
    Red: 1
    Lime: 1
    Blue: 0
    Grey: 0
    Purple/Pink: 0
    White: 0
  • In all, there were 24 votes for the poll.
  • Quinn interacted the most this episode.
  • Even though the Black Team had the most votes for the community poll, no one voted for them when it came down to the important vote.
  • It was rumored Jade may possibly return as "Betsy Sue Golden Heart" as she was in Fright Down Under but she didn't.