Two Sams is One Too Many
Season 1, Episode 17
Challenge(s) Answer Questions
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Destinee
Eliminated Sam
Episode Guide
"The Tragic of Disney"
"Dude, Who Stole My Million?"

E17S!: Two Sams Is One Too ManyEdit

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Samuel in first class stating that everyone gets first a lot this season. Destinee tells him the challenges make more people immune so the votes are easier.

Chris corrects her by saying the he is only giving them two and Gerard first class and Sarah and Sam get economy.

Destinee cheers and Samuel leans back in the recliner chair.

In economy, Sarah asks how Sam is going, but he doesn't respond.

Shortly after, Chris announces the challenge is a trivia.

Question 1 (1 Pt)- What is the name of Season 4 (regular Total Drama)?

Question 2 (1 Pt)- How many barfbags have been handed out total?

Question 3 (2 Pts)- What contestant/s has received the most final items? (Marshmallow, Gilded Chris, and Barfbags)?

Question 4 (2 Pts)- What contestants have never been in a relationship?

Question 5 (2 Pts)- What are the current relationships? What are the broken up relationships?

Destinee got them all right, with eight points, Samuel and Gerard got six points, Sarah got three and Sam got none.

Destinee got immunity. At the elimination ceremony, they vote Sam off and Gerard states "Two Sam's is annoying... Sam deserves to be here more than you Sam"

Cast Edit


Gerard: Two Sam's is annoying... *stamps Sam's passport* Sam deserves to be here more than you Sam.