Red Team
Team Dynamite
Killer Explorers
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TOS: And then there were 5..., TOG: TBA
Place TOS: 5th, TOG: TBA
Relationship Unnamed girlfriend (broken up), Abby (attraction)
Family Father, Mother
Friends Kevin, Sarah
Enemies None

Cal, labeled as The "Cool" Kid, is a contestant on Total Drama Tour of the Seas and Total Drama Tour of the Games. He was paired with Gillian on the the Red Team and when the teams were formed, Cal was placed on Team Dynamite. Then on Games, he was put on the Killer Explorers. He later makes the team merge, and is put on Team Skillz. He is played byTDAddict.

Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit

Total Drama Tour of the GamesEdit


  • Cal is played by TDAddict.
  • Cal has referenced many things, they are, (I'll do it later, maybe after his elimination :P).
Team Dynamite

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