Purple Team
Team Bronson
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated Tours of Countdown- Paris
Place 11th/12th
Relationship None
Family Father, Brother
Friends Mariachi Entourage, Abby (possibly)
Enemies AJ, Iris, Jade

Bronson, labeled The Manipulative Bodybuilder, was a contestant who was introduced in Total Drama Tour of the Seas. He was picked up by the yacht in Australia, to replace Draven because he had quit. Bronson was partnered with Daniel on the the Purple Team at first, until the teams phase, in which Bronson formed Team Bronson. He is played by Reddude.



Total Drama Tour of the SeasEdit



  • Bronson is played by Reddude.
  • Bronson is implied to be Australian.
  • Bronson is the only contestant with their name in a team.
  • Bronson is similar to Alexander in that he debuted, and was the last of of his team right before merge, and in a double elim.


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